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MUST SEE: docu about the new penis trend in Surinam; Boegroes

boegroes zetten man

First of all, this short documentary is not suitable for young viewers under the age of 16. This documentary is about the new penis trend in Surinam. Some Surinamese men are having little bullets, so called boegroes, inserted under the foreskin of their penis to enhance stimulation to women’s G-Spot. Correspondent Jurgen Lachman spoke to men who got boegroes placed and to the most famous boegroe-doctor of Surinam. 

Bron foto's: Metropolis

source images: Metropolis


A boegroe is a glass bullet that is inserted under the foreskin of the penis. The purpose is to enhance the stimulation to women’s G-spot. I can’t really call it a brand new trend, as boegroes are a well-known concept in the Surinamese community. People even claim that Surinamese politician Brunswijk has a whopping amount of seventeen boegroes in his penis!

In this video reporter Jurgen talks to men about why they have a boegroe, how the surgery went and what the benefits are. He also talks to the most famous boegroe-doctor of Surinam, doctor Voight. He has been helping men get boegroes for eight years now. Every week he gets about 4 to 5 requests to have boegroes inserted into penises and the requests just seem to keep on coming!

Bron foto's: Metropolis

Source images: Metropolis

When I saw this genius video by Metropolis I literally fell on the floor of laughter. First of all I find it fascinating how openly the men are speaking about their pimped penises. One of the men even said that ever since he got the boegroe placed, he doesn’t have a mobile phone anymore as women wouldn’t stop calling him. And another man said that his girlfriend tires him as she won’t leave him alone ever since he got a boegroe placed. This movie is just hilarious, real genuine Surinamese humour.

If this movie motivates you to get a penile upgrade, I’d advise you to go to the Dutch tattoo shop named Cash and Glory. There they can help you in placing boegroes safely. Watch Jurgens movie and be aware: at the end of the movie the guy shows his penis and you can clearly see where the boegroes have been placed.

Just so you know: the shortened version with English subs can be found here:

The longer version (only with Flash and not watchable on your mobile) can be found here:

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  1. we call it bolitas here in Philippines! girls and gays enjoy it!

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